Welcome to national theological association

National Theological Association is a nonprofit organization Providing Theological Education, Committed to Evangelical Faith Scholarship which are Networking Together , legal and relevant Educational Accrediting Service to Christian Universities, Seminaries,and Bible Colleges Internationally To serve in The Church. Equipping The People of God for the Mission of The Lord Jesus Christ.Nationals Theological Association (NTA) is one of the largest accreditation agencies worldwide and currently accredits Christian Universities, Theological Seminaries and Bible Schools in Worldwide We accredit schools of all sizes no matter where they are in the world. NTA provides assistance whether they are on-campus or online.


The purpose of the NTA is to form and develop the domestic system of theological education, ranging from the catechist church level to the highest academic theological school.


The goal of the NTA is to help educational institutions in asian and other countries achieve international standards and confirm their academic and spiritual level with appropriate accreditation.


The purpose of the NTA is to develop Evangelical theology, to form an academic and research culture, to provide researchers with methodological and resource support.