Aims & Objectives

* To help the educational institutions to achieve international standards,

* Confirm their academic and spiritual level recognized in the world by accreditation,

* Unite specialists in theological education,

* Provide programs, books, advice and other professional support,

 * Promote the enhancement of evangelical theological education worldwide,

* Build an academic and research culture,

* Provide researchers with methodological and resource support,


Values Of NTA

»  We value the ministry and worship of God to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

»  We value the house-building of the Church, mutual assistance and joint ministry at the level of the local community for the sake of growth in Christ

»  We value the spread of the Gospel in all available ways, with the involvement of every member of the Church.

»  We value education as the process of forming an integral personality for the ministry of Christ in the church, the world, and the academic community.

»  We value research aimed at comprehending the works of God in the world, the church, society and the individual, with the aim of applying its results to the spread of the Kingdom of God.

»  We value the partnership of the members of the Body of Christ for the growth of oneself in love.

»  We value theological education as a tool to help the Church fulfill its mission

»  We value the partnership of educational institutions and their mutual help to each other

»  We value the quality of theological education in the training of ministers and all members of the church

»  We value professional development and growth in order to achieve a more complete realization of the gifts, talents and abilities of each

»  We value theology that serves the development of evangelical churches

»  We value theological studies carried out at a high academic level and of practical value 

»  Joint research projects

»  Accreditation processes

»  General Meetings of representatives of educational institutions of the Association

»  Professional communities of leaders, teachers, staff and students of theological universities

»  Joint representation of the interests of theological universities